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57th Fighter Group

Posted by on Feb 11, 2011 in Blog | 1 comment

No, it’s not Veteran’s Day,  4th of July or even Marine Corp Birthday.  It’s just an ordinary day today.  Last night we went to eat at a unique restaurant that takes you back to the World War.  It is made out like a bunker with sand bags and everything!  The neat thing about this restaurant is not just the atmosphere, the delicious, chef inspired cuisine, the old war memoirs, the view of the small airstrip out the large picture windows with small planes and helicopters constantly landing and taking off, the many fireplaces and warm friendly staff, but the thankfulness of remembering our veterans.  My father, a Vietnam Veteran, was able to sign the “Wall of Heroes” added with hundreds of other signatures of men and women that have fought for our freedom.

We have good friends, the kind you consider family, Darrin and Melissa Jenkins.  They served twenty years in the service and retired at the ripe young age of forty from the Air Force.  He served several tours of duty in Afganistan and dreamed of owning and operating his own family farm.  After his twenty years was up, he packed up the family and made the long journey from their station in Alaska to McMinnville, TN.  I commented one time about how they have it made, they are retired young, they have so many years ahead, and yet they run their own small family farm, living off the land.  I was joking about how we should have done that, spent twenty years in the military, then enjoyed the benefits of retirement at a young age.  Darrin quickly reminded me that it would be a great plan, if you live through the deployments.  This is the grim reality for most soldiers fighting for us.  Many do have their young lives ended over there, and many lives are forever changed during the war.

I desire to do many things to thank our veterans and soldiers.  I want to train my children up to be thankful and appreciate their service to our family.  I want to teach them to respect, honor, and love those fighting for us.  I am adding a sentence to their prayers each night, for God to protect our men and women, use them against the enemy, and bring them all to a relationship with Jesus.  I plan on taking trips to the airport as we find out soldiers are coming home.  We will stand, holding our flags, tears streaming down our cheeks, and clap in appreciation for the sacrifice.  Many mothers have lost their children in this war, so that I can live in freedom with my children.

I do not take my freedom lightly and I know it has a price.  So this is why on days just like today, I think of the old men that gave so much and are given so little.  I think of the young boys just getting started with life and experience pain and suffering for us.  I think of the young men in military hospitals injured from the war and its effects.  I think of all the little children, babies, wives and families of those fighting now.

Thank you for MY freedom!

This is my cousin Cliff and I when he was on active duty!

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  1. lesliekhouck

    Omg, Icant believe you guys went there, we love that place! Isn’t it crazy? And the food is so delicious.its awesome to watch the planes come in during dinner.we even saw a marriage proposal on the air strip once. Very cool!

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