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The Joy of Children

Posted by on Feb 22, 2010 in Blog | 4 comments

We have been very excited the past few weeks at learning that God is blessing us with another child.  We loved telling our little four-year-old daughter that God has placed another baby in mommy’s tummy.  She has a beautiful smile, and her face lit up when we told her.  Our little two-year-old son is such a handful right now it makes me nervous to think of three!  Even Mrs. Duggar, the lady with nineteen children, claimed that motherhood was much more of a challenge with only the first three or four children because there was no older helpers around!  Just tonight our son was taking a “ba”, or a bath.  I walked out for just a brief moment, I am pretty sure it was less than 30 seconds.  When I came back around the corner, he was standing straight up on the edge of the tub!  Slippery feet and all!  I have several near panic moments each and every day!  Also today I was in my daughters bedroom putting away her clean clothes, when I heard Josh come in from work shouting, “get off that table”.  I sprinted into the room and saw JohnMark standing straight up on top of the kids table!  I do have my work cut out for me, no doubt!  Even though these moments are challenging, it does not compare to the reward of getting lots of hugs and kisses each day!  I woke up this morning to walk into the family room hearing my sons voice as he read a picture book to his daddy.  He was pointing out the striped “bebra”, he was mooing with the cow, and hooting with the owl!

This makes me think of our Savior.  We are such a challenge.  We do not listen to Him, we try things our own way, we put ourselves in danger constantly, and we disobey frequently.  God does not quit on us, but He loves us even more than we can imagine!  He enjoys the time we do spend with Him and He actually finds us rewarding to Him.  Just as my children are challenging, they also love to cuddle up and share lots of love.  They say the funniest things all throughout the day and keep me laughing!  God thinks the same about us.  He loves hearing us interact with other believers, and He enjoys our cuddle time in prayer with Him.

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”  Psalm 127:3

“Thank you Jesus for loving me when I am unlovable.  Thank you for adopting me into Your family and treating me as Your own.  Thank you for finding me valuable and glorifying to You.  Amen.”

See if you can make out some of JohnMarks new words, I provided hints:

Peeba bubba  (hint: something you eat along with jelly on a sandwhich, or in our case, on an apple slice.)

Waree (hint: something you say when you need someone to forgive you, or in our case, each time he hits his sister.)

gee gee (hint: something you do in private on a potty, or in our case, in front of everyone in the family.)

who (hint: something you wear on a foot, or in our case, I have to pull it off after he falls asleep.)

nite nite (hint: something you do every evening at dark, or in our case, each time someone closes their eyes.)

goggie (hint: bigger than a cat that most families have, or in our case, a little white Shih-Tzu)


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  1. Rhonda

    Congratulations! I completely understand about the climbing, standing on tables, etc. Busy, busy but fun, fun ~ And those hugs and kisses do make up for a lot!

  2. jackie barnes

    Kari, thank you for this story… it brought such a smile to my face…. God has truly blessed tony and I with two wonderful children… even though their ages are much greater apart than your two (and soon to be three; Praise be to God)… I too enjoy every moment that God has blessed me with both of them.. I must admit I sometimes find myself praying for “extra patience” as Justin sometimes forgets that he is 11yr. and not 21yr…. (which at these times remind me of my mother telling me “just wait, your time is coming when you too will see what a challenge raising a “teenager” can be).. and she was experienced at raising teenagers.. she raised 7 of us… also i guessed most of JohnMark’s words w/out having hints… I just love hearing Tori learn new words each day… last night was one of the most “blessed” hearing her saying the Blessing at dinner!!! Of course in her “own” language… but a blessing still…

    thanks again for all these wonderful stories you share… they are truly a blessing and a great reminder of HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS!!!!

    God bless,
    Jackie Barnes

  3. Michelle

    You left out a couple.

    I T K–I PK (preacher’s kid) and my personal favorite
    Go Vols! Amazing what you can teach a child in the nursery!!!!

  4. Loretta Merryweather

    i really love your blog!! like…. REALLY!

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