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It’s All in a Name

Posted by on Oct 3, 2010 in It's All in a Name | 1 comment

The hardest part about having a baby for me is coming up with the perfect name. Yes labor is hard, even with an epidural, but naming a child is very difficult for us. Every name I love Josh has a good and valid reason why it will not work, and same for me. We have a hard time agreeing on a name. Both of us hate a lot of pressure, but we do work well under pressure, and therefore, we usually agree on the perfect name right there in the hospital room about one hour before we are to go home. I really wanted this time to be different. I was sure we would agree on something the day after finding out the gender and have everything in her room perfectly monogrammed and labeled. I was sure I would be able to talk about her by her name and give her this wonderful identity before she even arrived. But not this time. No such fortune. No way. Not us.

Josh has been busy to say the least with moving churches and across state lines. I have been a little preoccupied myself with many doctor visits, home-schooling kindergarten to Karis, and, well, a two and a half year old, finally potty-trained, little boy that literally takes up 99.9% of my time. We have been putting this name thing off. Now we are only days away, and we still had no name.

The criteria for us is that it has to be a Biblical name. Our daughter Karis means “Grace” in the greek and is commonly found throughout the new testament. JohnMark was also a popular Biblical figure. It is important to us to name her something from the Bible that has a special meaning. It also has to flow with the last name Buice and be easy to spell and pronounce. At first it had to start with the letter K since myself and my daughter have a K name. We gave up on that and just started searching.

After lots of work searching on both our parts, we still kept coming up on the same name. The name is spelled Kaleo in the greek and it is found in Romans chapter 8 when referring to our “call” to salvation. We are going to name her after that greek word and call her “Kalli Grace”. After we decided on this name last night, I slept so wonderfully. Each time I would wake up, which was very often, I would be repeating it over and over and smiling! Kalli Grace, we love you and we cannot wait to meet you!

“Father, please give us wisdom as parents to raise Kalli Grace in Your ways. Help us to train, teach, work, and be diligent examples of Your love towards us. Thank You for forming, creating, and knitting her together so wonderfully. Thank you for her personality, gifts, and talents You have already blessed her with. I pray You will save her at a young age and that she will only use those gifts and talents to bring You glory. I pray You will bring her a godly husband and bless her with a family of her own. I pray You will use her to draw many souls unto Yourself and that she will be able to bring You glory all the days of her life. Thank You for our little Kalli Grace. Amen.”

Psalm 139:1 “I praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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  1. Candice Becker

    I have loved the name Kalli since the first time you mentioned it. Sweet name, even sweeter meaning! 🙂
    I can’t wait to meet you sweet Kalli Grace! You are blessed with wonderful Godly parents, and LOTS of family and friends!

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