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Raising These Adorable Children……….

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Raising These Adorable Children……….



It’s so funny how videos quickly become viral on social media.  This past week the video that went viral of the professional father working from home when interrupted by his adorable kids and frantic wife during a live interview was a riot.  It was probably only laughable among those of us who can relate and laughed out loud, or cried out loud from laughing, because we know the dilemma, or is it a dilemma?

Trust me, I am that mother that was running circles in my high heels last month chasing my very fast toddler around the church parking lot while cars were steadily pouring in.  Normally I am faster than him, but not in heels, and he thought it was amazing getting to be free and fast, while playing a dodge game with cars. Now the sophisticated pastor’s wife was in a precarious and not-so-sophisticated situation.

This is precisely why people get upset with me after meeting me, only to find out months later that I am the pastor’s wife,  I just save him the embarrassment!  Actually, it really doesn’t embarrass me or I think I wouldn’t be a very good mother.  Kids are just unpredictable.  Kids are funny.  Kids need boundaries and we are in the constant process of teaching them what those are.  So I can watch that viral video and have humility knowing it’s just what parenting is about.

I leave one door unlocked and major things can happen.  My downstairs neighbor knocked on my door while I was tossing in unsorted laundry (no time to sort), and she was holding  my toddler because he escaped and ran into her apartment.  My toddler ran into the school room with a huge, sharp butcher’s knife because the plastic child locks are a joke to a mastermind locksmith toddler.  My toddler climbed onto the seat at a patrons table at a restaurant, that I’d never seen before, and drank from his cup, all while I was cutting up my other kid’s pizza.

It happens.  I’ve learned in my short twelve years of parenting something very valuable, I’ve learned to laugh.  Just today at the mall, my oldest, most mature child says to me, while utterly embarrassed at her brothers loud playing and goofing off, that she would severely punish him for doing that if he was her child. Well, I can’t blame her, I used to be like that too.  I used to be the twenty-something childless critic that would have watched that viral video and said the same thing.  If I have learned anything, I have learned to laugh, relax a bit, pray a lot, and quit wishing for these moments to pass quickly.  Driving.  College.  Dating.  Marriage.  Grandchildren. They will all happen soon enough, but today I will chase toddlers in my heels and not let it ruin my day!


James 1:19-20 “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,

because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

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