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The Lost Treasure

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The Lost Treasure

“Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it?  And when she has found it, she calls her friends and neighbors together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost!’Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”  Luke 15:8-10

Six months ago I was getting ready, rushing around the house like normal, to leave on time.  Thats the normal grind around here, I have five people to bathe, comb hair, get dressed, and get out the door.  So all six of us were running down the stairs to hop in the car, and I had all my jewelry squeezed into my tight fist.  I laid the jewelry on the bar in the kitchen while proceeding to sock and shoe the children, then sent them out to the van.  I stood back at the bar putting on my jewelry, starting with my earrings.  As each piece of gold and pearls was adorned on my body I quickly noticed that my wedding/anniversary band was missing in action!  I had no time to search, yet I was confident that somewhere on my journey down my stairs, it had crawled out of my tightly squeezed fist and was waiting for me there.  We pulled out of the driveway to head to a funeral home out of state.  It was on my mind.  All.  Night.

Of course the next day it was top priority.  I combed through and searched every square inch of my jewelry box, bedroom, stairs, living room, I even took the trash bag out in the yard and tore through old scraps and stinky diapers!  It was gone.  My beloved ring was gone.  It was more than a ring.  Money can be saved and another ring could be bought, but this ring held a special place in my heart.  When we got engaged twelve years earlier, we decided on a simple gold band to go with my diamond engagement ring.  We opted to wait until an anniversary later on, when we would have more money (insert chuckles), to purchase a diamond band.  When our journey several years later took us to live in the beautiful foothills of the Tennessee mountains, we met a jewel there.  She was a jewel to us, and she and her husband were jewelers.  Luther and Mrs. Kay owned a jewelry business in town.  They gave me many beautiful pieces while we lived there and we became great friends.  He accompanied Josh on a elk hunting trip to Colorado, and although she wasn’t a great accomplished cook, she regularly cooked meals for us in her home.  After we moved to Georgia, her cancer came back, yet she didn’t slow down much.  When I would visit, she and Luther would order take out and we would eat lunch in the back room of the jewelry shop.  One such lunch brought us to discuss a ring I had wanted our whole marriage.  She got out their catalog and sketch pad and we together came up with my perfectly designed wedding band that beautifully complimented my diamond engagement ring.  She quoted me a crazy low price, and I couldn’t say no.  They gave it to me at jewelers cost! A few weeks later Luther mailed me my ring and let’s just say I was in love.  I am not a big jewelry wearer, but this ring put a smile on my face.

A few years later Mrs. Kay went home to be with the Lord.  I was so thankful that we had went ahead and bought my ring.  It meant so much that she helped me design it.  It was so very special.  And now it was gone.  I continued to search, I moved furniture around, I refused to vacuum for two weeks, then after that I would continually check my vacuum cleaner after each cleaning.  After six long months, I had decided the search was over, my ring was gone.  My treasure was gone.

Last week we bought a new washer/dryer set.  I sold my old set to a couple in our church that is about to get married.  When they took my old set I wiped down my laundry room floor, which also happens to be my mudroom.  I took out our shoe rack, which I have cleaned and vacuumed under a dozen times in six months.  While wiping down the baseboards I heard a clink, clink.  In a small dust bunny, I found my ring!  My husband was out of the country, but I picked up the phone and called him immediately.  He rejoiced with me on the phone.  I ran up the steps and woke up my daughter that was sleeping.  I texted several of my friends.  I think if it would have been in the middle of the day I probably would have screamed really loud and then taken the kids to get ice cream!!  For several nights, I have  awakened from sleep to remember that I found it and I fall back to sleep so peaceful and happy.  Who knew that one little diamond ring could mean so much to me and be so sentimental?

Jesus taught a story about a woman that lost a precious coin.  She searched and searched for it.  When she found it she celebrated, and even with friends and neighbors!  Everyone that knew her celebrated with her and rejoiced with her.    The joy and gratitude she felt, which is the much the same as the gratitude and joy that I felt upon finding my ring, barely compares to the joy God has in repentant sinners.  He desires our repentance.  He calls us to repentance.  My ring now reminds me when I glance down at my ring finger that God rejoices in our running to Him.  He seeks us like I sought my ring, yet incredibly more.  Sometimes He finds us in obscure places, obscure situations, but He is a gracious God, and a loving Father, that finds joy in our repentance.  Even those in His presence are rejoicing with Him.  We are His treasure.

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